About Us

We are an association of wedding professionals who are committed to business excellence and professional values. We encourage you to strongly consider wedding services provided by the Saint Augustine Wedding Association Members. We believe that you will find these wedding professionals to be individuals of integrity, focused upon customer service and adhering to a code of ethics.

Mission Statement

The Association is a non-profit organization of business professionals dedicated to providing quality wedding and event services in the St. Augustine area.  The Association represents the common interests of its members and provides a forum for networking, marketing and education. Its mission is to promote and generally advance the interests of the St. Augustine area wedding industry to local, city and state governments, as well as the general tourism business community.

As a member of the St. Augustine Wedding Association:

  • I will keep all licensing credentials current and obey all local, city, state and federal laws.
  • I will fully and truthfully disclose to customers my experience and background when appropriate and as required.
  • As a wedding professional I will maintain a professional and honest posture and will refrain from practices that mislead the public.
  • I will provide a written contract and explain to my customers’ details of our agreement that without which could lead to misunderstandings, that include services/products offered and price.
  • I will develop and maintain a quality of service and conflict resolution policy that gives customers an opportunity to discuss the quality of the product or service that I offer.