A1A Aleworks

catering, wedding venue

A1A Ale Works Banquet and Catering Services offers a beautifully-appointed private Bayview Room for wedding and banquet receptions of all sizes right at its main restaurant location at 1 King Street, as well as The Sala Menendez Room in the Lightner Museum Building.

A1A Ale Works also provides off-premises catering services for any event in any location.  True to their reputation as one of the top restaurants in St. Augustine, A1A Ale Works is a local expert on how to prepare, present and serve delicious meals, along with handcrafted beer, fine wines, and designer cocktails.

Barbara Herman

1 King Street
St. Augustine, FL  32084

Email: A1ABanquets@cwrestaurants.com

Phone: 904-829-2977